“Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength."

- Anonymous

The creation of sustainable value and the crafting and execution of a harvesting exit strategy are indeed what separates leading and successful entrepreneurial ventures from run-of-the-mill ventures. Ventex Consultants core focus is to help organisations to achieve these goals.

The emphasis of our articles falls on addressing various issues that impact on the success and ultimate harvesting potential of a business.

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Article Date Published
A. An Exit Strategy Mindset  
1. 10 Tips on How to Choose the Right Business May 2008
2.  Choose the Right Business Venture May 2008
3.  A Case Study on Choosing "Good" vs. "Bad" Ventures Jun 2008
B. Business Growth  
1. 10 Tips on How to Grow Your Business Sustainably May 2008
2.  Grow Sustainably or Go Bankrupt April 2008
3.  A Case Study on Good vs. Bad Growth Jun 2008
C. Mergers and Acquisitions Execution  
1. 10 Tips on Pitfalls to Avoid June 2008
2.  Improving the Chances of Success Aug 2008
3.  A Case Study on Deals That Went Wrong Aug 2008
D. Integrative Business Planning  
1. 10 Tips on Common Pitfalls to Avoid May 2008
2.  Managing Complexity May 2008
3.  A Case Study on Insufficient Planning Jun 2008
E. Your Own Business  
1.  7 Tips Before You Start Sep 2008
2.  Risks vs. Rewards Sep 2008
3.  A Case Study on Risks and Rewards Sep 2008
F. Greed in Business  
1.  7 Tips on Why it Should Be Avoided Sep 2008
2.  Short-Term Gain vs. Long-Term Failure Nov 2008
3.  Greed in Business: A Case Study on Its Dangers Jan 2009
G. Risk Management  
1. 10 Tips on How To Minimise Risks Sep 2008
2.  Some Practical Ideas on How to Minimise Risk in a Business Sep 2008
3.  A Case Study on the Consequences of Bad Risk Management Sep 2008
H. Financial Failure in Business  
1.  10 Tips on How to Avoid It Aug 2008
2.  How to Avoid It Aug 2008
3.  A Case Study on How It Went Terribly Wrong  Aug 2008
I. The Spirit of Entrepreneurship  
1.  Do You Have What It Takes? Apr 2009